The origin of the beans, the knowledge, the skill, the coffee machine set up, the grind, the weight, the timing, the temperature, the cup shape. Every improvement we make gives us another one to work on.
We aim to offer excellent coffee in an inspiring environment. So only the best coffee beans, milk, coffee machine and cups, and baristas that are always improving. And we always listen to feedback, taking it into account as the business grows.
Becoming a great barista is an endless process. We are constantly looking to perfect our coffee, by absorbing techniques, ideas and training. There are a lot of great independent coffee shops springing up and the competition is great for raising the bar.
The quality of our coffee is controlled by our baristas, not our machine. We use a Marzocco Linea Three Group Coffee Machine, and a Mazza Super Joli Grinder. Both of which allow our baristas complete control of the process to create the best espresso shots possible.
We have our own unique blend of beans, while our filter and decaf are from Origin Coffee Roasters. Our Tea is by Teapigs. Our cakes are homemade. Our Chocolate is from Cadbury. There’s the Marzocco Linea coffee machine, geeky baristas, a Mazza grinder, a great atmosphere, the music, the location... Play clip. >>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yObysaCN_wE&feature=youtu.beshapeimage_9_link_0
Wall art by James Worse, a collection of coffee pots from around the world, and a creatively designed interior space, eclectic background music and friendly staff create an inspiring environment.
We’re always looking for people who think for themselves, who can help Deaf Cat Coffee to grow. You must be a fixer, hard working, passionate, self-motivated, professional and friendly. How you show your interest in working at The deaf cat is up to you.
With great coffee, amazing tea, delicious cakes, inspiring space and murals, Deaf Cat Coffee is where people can meet, have ideas, and go and make them happen.
Simple. To be friendly, efficient, and offer a great coffee, while being successful enough to grow, so that we can inspire more people.
Owner: Kevan Middleton - kevan@thedeafcat.com
Please email Kevan if you have any questions or feedback about the Coffee Bar. All feedback helps us to offer a better service to our customers.
Alternatively write to Kevan Middleton, Deaf Cat Coffee, 83 High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1LX.mailto:kevan@thedeafcat.com?subject=Web%20contact.shapeimage_15_link_0
Mon-Fri, 9-5
Sat, 9-5
Sun, 10-5
We have 18 Teapigs teas, iced teas, iced coffees, frappes, toasties, paninis, waffles, cakes, cookies, bars, kids stuff, sandwiches, salads, cous cous, porridge...
Once there was a writer who had a deaf cat. It used to sit on his desk in his studio while he wrote. The cat wasn’t an annoyance or a hindrance. It was like the other ornaments around his desk. It was there to calm him, cheer him and inspire him. Did it work?
        The writer’s name was Charles Dickens...
YEAR 10.
Deaf Cat Coffee is now into it’s tenth year, growing and developing with the help of the very talented and friendly staff, and our loyal customers.
The Deaf Cat is the trading name of Deaf Cat Coffee Limited,
Deaf Cat Coffee Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 10900026.
Registered Office: Beak Kemmenoe, 1-3 Manor Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 6AE. Vat No. 980153816.
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